Compression Molds and Secondary Equipment for: Wood, Natural Fiber, and Glass Filled Sheet Composites

Compression Molds and Secondary Equipment for: Wood, Natural Fiber, and Glass Filled Sheet Composites
Compression Molds and Secondary Equipment for: Wood, Natural Fiber, and Glass Filled Sheet Composites

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Snider Mold Company provides compression tools for the molding of thermoform, and thermoset sheet stock such as wood, natural fiber, and glass filled composites. We produce both single and multiple cavity molds weighing up to 80,000 lbs. Our molds are made primarily from P-20 mold steel, and feature in-mold trim capabilities. These tools are intended for forming of substrate, and cover stock materials with finished part edge trimmed in one hit. In addition to fabrication of the primary compression mold, we offer cooling fixtures, punch and trim fixtures, and built-in quality assurance features that equate to a turnkey manufacturing solution for our customers.

In Mold Trim Expertise

We are the leaders in the automotive industry for the fabrication of door systems, interior trim, trunk trim, and in twin sheet blow molding applications with our in mold trim expertise. All molds are inspected and tested for fit and function. We maintain on-site molding capabilities to thoroughly test all molds before delivery.

ISO 9001:2015

Snider Mold is an ISO 9001:2015 company, and we put quality at the forefront of everything we do. From product design assistance, to tool history documentation and technical support after delivery, we have designed our company to ensure our customers' success. We take pride in our quality and customer service, and continually work to maintain our reputation as an industry leader in tooling support. For more information about our sheet composite compression molding dies capability, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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Compression Molds and Secondary Equipment Capabilities

General Capabilities
Tool Design / Engineering
Product Design Assistance
Tool History Documentation
Technical Support
Mold Types
Compression Woodstock
Compression Natural Fiber Composites
Compression Azdel
Compression Thermoform Composites
Compression Thermoset Composites
P-20 Steel
In-Mold Trim
Mold Weight
2,000 to 80,000 lbs.
Industry Standard
Statistical Process Control (SPC)
Additional Tooling / Secondary Fixtures
Cooling Fixtures
Punch and Trim Fixtures
Quality Assurance Features
Additional Services
Customer Support
Field Service Mold Support

Additional Information

Industry Focus
Aircraft / Aviation
Building Products
Commercial Seating
Lawn and Garden
Leisure Vehicle
Tool Applications
Door Systems
Misc. Interior Trim
Rear Window Trim
Trunk Trim
Twin Sheet Blow Mold
Load Floors
Other Automotive Applications
Package Trays
Parcel shelf's
Floor Liners
Load Floors
Fit And Function Gauges
Punch And Trim
Final Inspection Equipment
Industry Standards
ISO 9001 Certified
American Mold Builders Association

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