About Snider Mold Company

Snider Mold Company is an industry leader in the tooling of medium to large injection, low pressure injection and compression molds. We are experts in the creation of molds that provide in-mold trimming and edge wrap, and in the use of multiple materials in a single mold. We are specialists in low-pressure injection molds, either single or multiple cavity, equipped with heaters, valve gate manifolds and other features in medium to large sizes for automotive and other industry OEMs and first-tier suppliers. We are also experienced, structural foam and structural web mold makers providing solutions for molding pallets, coolers, water tanks, whirlpools and other medium to large products requiring strength and lightness. We regularly create solutions combining different molding technologies for complex projects such as complete door systems and other parts requiring multiple molds and molding technologies.

Why Snider Mold Company, Inc.

  • Long term commitment to the plastics and fiberglass industries.
  • Proven product design and engineering support from start to finish - So our customers can gain the efficiencies they need to bring their program to market.
  • The latest in technology and equipment means our customers can put their confidence in Snider Mold Company, Inc.
  • In-house compression mold processing and sample run capabilities. This enables us to provide quicker turnaround and higher quality.
  • Experienced and dedicated project managers. Put your trust in our ability to provide you with reduced total cost of ownership.
  • Fast reaction time on complex parts keeps your projects on-time and on-budget.